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                                                  We offer a variety of classes for you and your best friend.  Before   
                                                  you sign up for any of our classes we will set up a FREE
                                                  consultation to determine which classes are best suited for you
                                                  and your pet’s needs. There are many different methods out there,
                                                  so how would you know which trainer to choose?
                                                  Some trainers still use methods such as shock collars, choke
                                                  chains, and force to train your best friend. You said best friend,
                                                  right? Then why would you treat him like that?

Aggression, fear, and behavior problems are NOT a quick fix, those
methods will only teach your dog to be more afraid, and therefore,
more aggressive. Never meet aggression with aggression!
If you are getting a pet you need to invest at least 6 months to train
and establish a relationship with him. Owning a pet is a huge
responsibility and the commitment will last for many years to come.
It is easy to teach your pet to sit and lay down but behavior problems,
depending on how severe they are, can take months and years to

                                              Our trainers are certified behaviorist with over 6 years of experience
                                              working with shelters, individuals, and groups. We use positive
                                              methods, clicker training, and reward as a way of teaching you and
                                              your dog obedience and skills. On a daily basis we encounter pets
                                              that are so severely damaged by human neglect and abuse that
                                              nothing but time, patience, consistence, and love can rehabilitate
                                              them. Before we start working with any behavior problems we need
                                              to address the basics of obedience. We teach YOU, the owner, how  
                                              to understand your dog’s needs and body language, and your dog
                                              how to be calm, focused, and balanced. We encourage your whole
                                              family to participate in the training to make sure that we are all
                                              consistent and on the same page.

Your dog does not need much to be happy - a place to sleep, food, discipline and affection. By
making him work for everything he gets (sit/stay for food, for putting on a leash, door, walking on the
loose leash, playing by our rules…) he will be and stay a happy member of your family. Dogs don’t
care about fashion, size, or brands. They need exercise, socializing, training, rules and consistency!

Our private one-on-one lessons are tailored to your needs. They are great for dogs that have
behavior problems or for house training and it fits the whole family’s schedule. I actually recommend
all new dog owners to have at least one private lesson as soon as they get their dog to make sure
that they start off on the right note.

Free Consultation
$50 per session
$45 per session if you pre-pay four or
more sessions at a time

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Whether you are on vacation, a business trip, or you have an emergency, you can count on us to
provide your pets with lots of TLC and individual attention. For dogs this service includes walking,
park trips, feeding, cleaning up, and lots of play & love.

For cats this includes feeding, playing until they purr, scooping cat littler, and cleaning up. We also
care for other animals such as snakes, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and more.

If your pet needs medications and vaccines, we are qualified to administer them in the comfort of your
home for an additional $5.00

Included in our visits and FREE of charge:
- Mail and Package collection        
- Newspaper Collection
- Exterior and Interior home check
- Watering plants
- Pet tidy up
- Daily notes left by your pet sitter, in the form of your wish
(phone,email, text) so you can be certain that your pet is
in good hands

If you need someone to snuggle with your buddy, watch Animal Planet and go for walks, we will come
at 7 PM and leave about 8 AM the following morning. Evening and morning walks and all services
listed under Pet Sitting are included.

$50.00 per night for up to 2 pets
$5.00 for each additional pet
10% OFF when you book 5 or more days!

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You don’t have to have a pet at home for us to stop by and check on your house. We’ll provided the
services described above to ensure that your home is safe while you’re away.
$15.00 per visit

You can’t place a price on peace of mind! We are reliable, experienced, and licensed pet care
professionals, not some neighborhood kid or some friend who might cancel at the last minute or feel
imposed upon.

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Up to 2 dogs (45 min - 60 min)
1 visit per day $19
2 visits per day $35
3 visits per day $50
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